Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions about IAWG operations, international exchange and training activities, and program administration follows. Answers are provided below.

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Question: Does the IAWG provide funding to support individuals who would like to participate in an exchange or training program?

Answer: No. The IAWG is neither a funding organization nor does it have access to funds provided for such purposes by other agencies. The IAWG recommends that persons seeking financial aid visit the Information Resources for Students section of our website.

Question: Does the IAWG provide information on travel warnings and public announcements for individuals  interested in traveling abroad or to the United States on international exchanges and training programs?

Answer: For the most up-to-date information, you should refer to the State Department’s Travel Website.

Question: I am having trouble securing the necessary visa for me and my family to come to the United States. Can the IAWG help me?

Answer: The IAWG is not a visa sponsor. The IAWG also does not determine visa policies nor act as an advocate for individuals who have encountered difficulties in obtaining visas.

Question: Will it be possible to query or view data on participants by program/objective by country? I can find data on incoming and outgoing participants by the sponsoring federal agency on a global and regional basis. I can also find them by country but not by program or objective by country. Will that information be available?

Answer: The IAWG’s Annual Reports and Inventory of Programs allow users to view program information only by federal agency. Supplemental Regional Reports allow users to view region-specific data by agency and by country. Searches are restricted to organizations that submit data to the IAWG.