Per its mandates, the IAWG is comprised of senior-level officials from the Departments of State, Justice, Defense, and Education and the U.S. Agency for International Development as well as comparable representatives from other interested government departments and agencies.  Representatives of the National Security Council and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget participate in the IAWG at their discretion.  The Department of State’s Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs chairs the group. The group is broken down into three working levels.  First, the Executive Committee is comprised of the agencies and departments named in the Executive Order and the legislation.  Second, the Principals group constitutes the entire working group as articulated in the Executive Order. The Principals group is supported by a working-level “Sherpa” group comprised of interested agency representatives who have been designated by the Principals or volunteered to work on specific issues and projects undertaken by the IAWG.  All of these groups are served by a staff housed within the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the Department of State. IAWG products and projects also benefit from the cooperation of many federal organizations that are not formal members of the IAWG.

Member Organizations

*denotes statutorily mandated members

Non-Member Contributing Federal Organizations